BANDAI MG Gundam MKⅡ Ver.2.0 Build #1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
From this time, I will start MG Gundam MKII Ver.2.0.


Here are some of the characteristic items that were included in the package.
Power pipe and covered wire wire, plated parts for hydraulic cylinders, and a display stand are included.

Perhaps the display stand is the deck of Argama, and I would like to paint this a little separately.


It took about 5 days to complete the assembly.
The parts were relatively divided and it took a long time to process the gate. It seems that it will take time to disassemble when painting.

Plated parts are used for hydraulic cylinders on the ankles. This time I will make use of this plating.

Assembly completed

Assembly is complete. It took about 5 days.
There is a gimmick that works with the hydraulic cylinder around the sneak, so it is a little complicated. It seems to be difficult to disassemble.

Accessories (weapon / pedestal)

A spare magazine for bazooka and beam rifle is also included.

Vulcan pot and beam saber

Genuine shield can be expanded and contracted.

A catapult display is also included. It seems that it can be connected to the catapult display attached to Z Gundam. I want to try it when it is completed

Hazel Revised Shield Booster

I tried to assemble the Hazel Revised Shield Booster that I found in a second-hand shop a few months ago. Since the mounting parts are the same as MkII, it can be mounted as it is.

You can have it as it is like this. The molding color is the same, so it feels like it was included from the beginning. I wonder if I like it if I go up a little

Scheduled to paint

It took a while for the temporary assembly. I’m still worried about sink marks and gate treatment, so I’d like to treat it before painting.
I would like to use gradation painting for this basic painting. I would like to take a two-shot photo with the Z Gundam I made recently and the painting pattern.
The basic painting will be standard and will be composed of blue and gray.

Hazel Revision Shield Booster feels low when attached normally, so I would like to make a part that goes up a little with a 3D printer.
I’m worried if it will go as planned.

Thank you for watching until the end.

Next time, I will improve the details.