BANDAI MG Gundam MKⅡ Ver.2.0Build #4 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

Well, this time is the basic painting. I would like to paint a slightly arranged color with gradation painting.


Paint used

White (outer main color)

Surfacer Gray 1200 → Gray No. 9
I didn’t want to use white, so I chose Gray No. 9, which is a little closer to gray, and painted it with gradation paint.

Blue (chest, etc.)

In the example, I used a fairly dark blue, but this time I chose a light blue. Since we are proceeding with gradation painting this time, we avoid dark colors because it is difficult to paint with gradation.
Surfacer 1500 Black → Intermediate Blue (gradation painting)

Red (feet, etc.)

Surfacer Red 1000 → Gundam Color Char Pink (gradation painting)

Yellow (chest duct, base of neck)

Surfacer White 1000 → Dark Yellow

Inner frame

Surfacer gray 1200 → grilled iron color
The whole is painted in burnt iron color, but only the base of the hose on the ankle and the back of the knee uses Gundam color MS Gray Zeon system.


The inner is solid and the outer is painted with gradation.
After all gradation takes time. I put a stain on it and blow a clear matte finish at the end of painting.

Painted with POSCA

I painted the main camera etc. with Posca green. The color was good and it was applied firmly. I think it would be more useful if I could choose the color.
I’m still not sure if I can top coat the top coat …

Sumi put

I used black for some reason without thinking too much about it. If I was thinking a little more, I think I was using gray. Gray is recommended because the claim that it is black is too strong for the white base part.

It’s an old video …


Dry decal

I used dry decals only on my shoulders.

I put a marking sticker on my favorite part, but the small sticker came off quite a bit.


Basic painting is complete. There were more parts than I expected, so it took much longer than I expected.

I wanted to use the original coloring, but when I finished painting, it became a standard landing. If you use the blue used for the chest on the legs and arms, the impression may have changed a little more.

Next time I’m going to do weathering.
Thank you for watching until the end.