BANDAI MG Gundam MKⅡ Ver.2.0 Build #5 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

MKII is the final weathering process after basic painting. I’m thinking of going as dirty as the Z Gundam I made before.

I will refer to Z Gundam for how dirty it is.

This is the Zeta Gundam I made before. I had a hard time making this kit because it has a deformation mechanism. I don’t want to make it for a while.


Apply flat black enamel paint diluted with a little solvent to the corners of the melamine sponge to stain the corners of the parts (parts that are likely to be scratched). If you clean the flat surface casually, it will be a natural stain as a whole. I think you should try something once.

Weathering master

While being aware of the parts that have been soiled by chipping, we will stain them with the weathering master. This time I’m using black.

Shadow blowing

Dilute the flat black used for chipping with a solvent and spray it with an airbrush. At this time as well, it is sprayed on the parts that are likely to get dirty, such as joints and vernier parts.
Since this spray is for stains, flat black is diluted fairly thinly. It is painted to the extent that you can see the color of the basic paint.

Top coat

It is a finished top coat. This is a necessary process because the gloss of the decal becomes even with the main body and the weathering master does not fall off.


Weathering is complete.
I think it’s more comfortable to use than before weathering, and it feels like it’s been in battle several times.
I had a hard time because the weathering master’s B set was solidified. It feels like I managed to cheat with a gunmetal of a similar color.

The shadow blow was just dirty and the finish was satisfactory.
This completes all MkII work.
Thank you for watching until the end.