" /> BANDAI MG Nu Gundam ver.ka Build #4 Weathering - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG Nu Gundam ver.ka Build #4 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
ν Gundam Ver.ka is also in full swing. I’m going to do the final process weathering.
Since it is painted in gradation, it has a relatively good feeling of use, so I think I’ll make it dirty moderately.


Before weathering

This time I tried my best to put a small decal on it, but I sometimes touched the parts during work such as chipping, and the decal that I put on at that time often came off, so I coated it lightly with a matte clear.
You can chip with confidence.


It is an expression of discoloration of the painted surface damaged by battle and maintenance work.
Dilute the dark gray of the enamel paint a little with the enamel solvent and lightly press it with the corners of the melamine sponge while delusionally imagining the place where the parts are likely to be scratched.
When you apply the paint to the sponge, you can try it with tissue paper etc. to make it feel good.

Weathering master

Weathering master C set gunmetal is lightly attached to the painted part by chipping. Please note that it will disappear immediately if you rub it with your finger.

Shadow blowing

Use a different type of paint than the basic paint and spray it with an airbrush to express the dirt on the aircraft.

Although it is a shadow blow, I usually dilute the flat black of the enamel paint quite thinly and spray it, but this time I tried it with the dark gray that was also used for chipping. It’s more natural than I expected, and I’m relieved. It may be interesting to add a little dark brown.


Blow the matte top coat and you’re done.

All work is completed. Weathering was not so noticeable on heavy-colored parts such as the chest. Dark colors are difficult in many ways. On the other hand, the dark gray used for weathering may have been a good feeling. I will use it in various ways, including research on how to use it.

This completes all the work.
Thank you for watching until the end.