BANDAI MG Gundam AGE-1 Build #1 Temporary assembly / Detail up


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
I will start making AGE-1. This time is a temporary assembly. I’m going to improve the details a little more.


First is assembly. It’s a fairly simple structure, and I think it’s the one with few parts in MG. Easy to assemble.

The surfacer also handles sink marks and gates that are difficult to understand. Assembling is completed in about 2 days!


It’s a kit that was almost unmarked until this time, so it feels like I saw the shape for the first time.
In terms of size, it feels as small as or slightly smaller than the RX-78-02.

The range of movement is quite wide and you can easily pose on one knee.

Attached weapons are beam saber, beam rifle, and shield. It’s the minimum equipment for Gundam.
I would like to add something like a bazooka if I have the spare capacity.

Detail up

This time, there are three details up: shield, shoulders, and calves.

I made a simple detail up part with a 3D printer.


A plastic plate made with HG detail punch is attached to both sides to improve the mechanical feeling.
Since it is a 0.3 mm plastic plate, it is easy to process.

HG Detail Punch
Four types of patterns are on sale. The plastic plate can be easily cut into a shape for easy detail improvement. This time I used HG Detail Punch Square 1. There are 4 types on sale now. If you are interested, why not check it out!

I made fine detail up parts with a 3D printer. Paste with super glue and paint.

Shoulders and calves

The parts used for the shield are pasted on the calf part.
Parts made separately from the calf are attached to the shoulder with a 3D printer. I tried to imitate the thing on the shoulder of RX-78 Ver.ka.

Painting plan

The AGE-1 created this time is created without knowing the background at all, but it is a neat and simple MS. You can feel the atmosphere of the ally of justice that appears in the animation, but due to the request from my son, I will keep the original color and make it a lighter shade. I want to bring out the feeling of use and the atmosphere of the weapon, so I will finish it with gradation painting and weathering.

Next is weapon Build.
Thank you for watching until the end.