BANDAI MG Gundam AGE-1 Build #2 Weapon Build


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
Weapon creation for AGE-1. I forgot to take a picture of the weapon in the temporary assembly stage this time … I’m sorry.
However, the work of the painter proceeded as usual, so I would like to introduce the production process.

Beam rifle

I’m thinking of painting the main body in a light color, so I also painted the beam rifle in a light color.
The surfacer is all gray, but the paint used is gray and blue, which is close to gray, and is a gradation paint cormorant. The coloring is finished with a slightly animated feel.
Complete with decals, matte clear, smearing (light gray), and top coat.


I put it in the temporary assembly, but it seems that it is easy to improve the details with a simple shield, so I am pasting the parts made with the plastic board and 3D printer.

The plastic plates on both sides of the shield are pasted with HG detail punches.

The whole was painted in a light color like the beam rifle. The shield is also a gradation paint from the gray surfacer. Apply the attached dry decal, add a stain and clear the matte finish to complete the painting.

Weathering is chipping with a sponge and shadow blowing of enamel paint. It’s nice to have a feeling of use. Blow the top coat and you’re done.

Beam saber

The beam saber is painted only on the grip part. It is finished with gradation painting using two colors of gray. It’s simple, but that’s it.
It can be stored in the waist.


Weapon creation is complete.
At the time of the temporary assembly, I was thinking of a new weapon, but due to the malfunction of the 3D printer, I gave it up. I wish I had something like a bazooka.
Although it is a paint color, I chose a fairly pale color this time, but I think it was quite pop and interesting. With a color of this level, it is easy to apply gradation and the work is smooth. I would like to try this kind of nuanced color again if I have the opportunity.
Thank you for watching until the end.
Next is the basic painting of the main body.