BANDAI MG Gundam AGE-1 Build #4 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

I went smoothly to basic painting, smearing, and decals. I would like to proceed to the final process of weathering.
Since MS has a strong image of anime characters, we are trying to bring it in a realistic direction by weathering.

I took a picture this time, but the picture of the shield was the easiest to understand, so I will explain it with this picture following the # 2 weapon creation.


Represents scratches and peeled parts of paint.
Apply enamel paint to the melamine sponge and casually apply it around the corners.

Shadow blowing

It is sprayed mainly on the parts that have become large due to the dirty parts attached by chipping and the duct parts. It may be better to be conservative as it will make you confused about how to stop.

Top coat

The overall glossiness will be uniform and the steps on the decal will not be noticeable. I often blow a matte clear to protect the paint and decals, so just blow it lightly.
I didn’t use chipping or shadow blowing this time, but the weathering master is easy to fall off, so I spray it last for protection.


AGE-1 is completed.
It got dirty and felt good to use. I think that the atmosphere of having made a sortie several times has come out and the feeling of animation has disappeared considerably.
I wanted to use enamel dark gray for shadow blowing, but I used flat black because it was out of stock. It seems a little strong, but it’s acceptable, so …
This completes all the work.
Thank you for watching until the end.