BANDAI MG AILE STRIKE Ver.RM Build #4 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
The basic painting is finished with a good feeling, and you can also add stains and decals, which is the final weathering process. I would like to be careful not to mess up here.

Matte clear

Lightly blow a matte clear coat to prevent the decals from coming off during the weathering process. It is a blow just in case because it is rubbed with a cotton swab.


It expresses scratches and discoloration caused in battle.
Chipping with Tamiya’s enamel black. Apply the paint slightly diluted with solvent to the sponge and press it against the parts.

The caretaker does the weathering work with enamel paint. Since the basic paint is lacquer-based, if you stain it with enamel-based paint from above, even if you wipe it with an enamel-based solvent, it will not affect the basic paint below and it will not lead to failure.

Shadow blowing

This work also uses enamel black.
It is considerably diluted with a solvent. Is it about 3 to 4 times? It’s pretty shabu-shabu. Spray around the vernier, duct exit, joints, etc.
You can stop it with just the right amount of dirt by spraying it with a thin paint little by little.

Top coat

This is the final finish. The glossiness is different due to weathering, so I use a top coat. I haven’t used it this time, but if I use a weathering master, it will fall off just by rubbing it with my finger, so it’s safe to blow it at the end.


Weathering is complete.
It’s moderately dirty. I think it has a realistic atmosphere with a feeling of use. I feel that the white gradation paint from the sail color matches the feeling of weathering. It is a convincing finish.
I feel that a little weathering will give me a lot of depth, and I will make it dirty every time.
This completes all the processes.
Thank you for watching until the end.