" /> Bandai MG MS-06S Zaku II #1 Temporary assembly - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

Bandai MG MS-06S Zaku II #1 Temporary assembly


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This is a temporary assembly created by Zaku II. I’ve made it many times, so I think it will go smoothly, but I’d like to use a 3D printer a little this time, so I’d like to proceed while checking that area as well.



Power pipes are much easier than before.
Spring is used for the power pipe for the legs.


We will also proceed with gate processing. The clear parts to be attached to the weapon are not attached at this stage because it seems that they will not come off.


Temporary assembly is complete.
I made Zaku II several times, so I was able to assemble it quite smoothly. It takes about 3 days because I am also doing gate processing.
I removed the antenna on the head because it is the “Char’s minion” of this concept.


There are three types of weapons. It’s Zaku’s classic weapon.

Painting plan

I’m going to paint the green of a general soldier with a gradation paint. I bought about two colors of green at a nearby mass retailer. After that, I’m going to do it in the game where it came out
Next is detail up. I will try using a 3D printer for a while.
Thank you for watching until the end.