Bandai MG MS-06S Zaku II #2 Detail up


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
It is a detail up. The spikes on the shoulders have been changed as well as the processing of the standard main camera part.



I want to make the main camera thinner and give it a sharper impression. I put a plastic plate on the top to make it thinner, but I usually use a 1mm plastic plate, but this time I piled up 0.3mm and made it thinner by 0.6mm. If it is 1 mm, it may look like Gouf, so this time I proceeded while watching the situation by stacking thin plastic plates.

It is easy to process by using a thin plastic plate.


The spike part is changed to the part made by the 3D printer. It’s a simple part, but I’m grateful that I can make exactly three parts.
Some work such as processing the support material will be required.


Parts output by 3D printer are pasted on the shield in 3 places.
It’s a simple part, but the atmosphere is much better.

Output with 3D printer

The parts used for the shield are also output together.
Even such a small item takes about an hour. However, once you start, you’ll be left alone …

This is the end of this time. Thank you for watching until the end.
Next is the creation of weapons.