Bandai MG MS-06S Zaku II #5 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
The basic painting is finished and it is getting closer to completion. It is the weathering of the last process. It’s easy, but it’s a work that makes the atmosphere much better.

Before weathering …

Before starting work, mask the clear parts used for the mono eye.
In shadow blowing, the paint is painted as it is assembled, so if you spray it on the clear parts, you will have to remove it, so let’s do it in advance.


It is an expression of the wound made by several sorties. Use a melamine sponge to lightly press the flat black enamel paint.
The enamel paint is compatible with the lacquer-based paint applied in the basic paint, and even if the enamel paint is wiped with an enamel solvent, the underlying color does not easily come off. If you use this characteristic, it is a method that can also be used for partial painting. Please give it a try!

Shadow blowing

It is an expression of soot stains near the vernier and stains on the joints.
The paint used is flat black, which is an enamel paint like chipping. Dilute it 3 to 4 times and blow it with an airbrush.
Since the vernier is painted with silver in the basic paint, it is sprayed relatively strongly. It was as planned.

Top coat

The final finishing touch is a matte top coat. The purpose is to protect the weathering and to adjust the gloss so that it will not fall off.


Weathering is complete.
It may have become dirty as if it had been sortie several times. The calf vernier has become quite satisfying.
It might have been interesting to add a little silver chipping. I’ll try it somewhere.

This completes all the work on the MS-06S general soldier color.
Thank you for watching until the end.