Make MG Char’s Zaku Ver.2.0 by painting it in the color of a general soldier


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
The price of Gunpla is quite calm and you can see kits that are easy to buy. How are you doing today?
I found Zaku that I wanted to make once a year for about the fixed price, so I bought it. I was really looking for the MS-06F Zaku II, but I found Char’s Zaku II, so I bought it immediately. I made Char’s Zaku last year, so I’m thinking of making Char’s minions this time. With the theme of “excellent general soldiers who love Char”, I will expand my delusions and create Zaku for my subordinates.


バンダイ ホビーサイト

Temporary assembly

Detail up

Weapon creation

Basic painting



Char’s child Zaku has been completed. Since it is a well-made kit, the overall work can proceed smoothly without any trouble, and it will be completed in 12 days.

The parts made with the 3D printer also fit in well.

Before I knew it, the yellow triangular decal on my right knee was gone …

An anti-ship rifle made in China that I bought at amazon. It’s cool to have it ready.

The anti-ship rifle is quite long. I want to make it with a 3D printer based on this.

This time I tried to make it a general soldier color using Char’s Zaku kit. As a frank impression, I feel that it is easy to make. Isn’t it just the right kit for those who are new to the MG series?
Zaku is easy to choose a color as a weapon that is an extension of the tank. Choosing a military color and weathering will give you a pretty nice atmosphere.
This is the end of this time.
Thank you for watching until the end.

The next thing to make!

Next is the Egel equipment of Heavy Arms that appears in Gundam W. I’m thinking of making it a color that gives a feeling of desert.