MG Heavy Arms Egel equipment Build #1Temporary assembly


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
It is a temporary assembly of Heavy Arms. It takes about 3 days because there are many accessories.



The size of the box is small, but the number of runners is quite large.
The Egel part comes with a separate manual. After assembling the main body, I am making the Egel part.


We also proceeded with gate processing, etc., and the assembly proceeded relatively smoothly.
The ankle parts will be removed to install the Egel equipment.


It became a shape. Since it is a Gundam W series MS, it is one size smaller.

Gatling equipped state is cool. A weapon like a knife on the right hand hits the shoulder for a surprisingly long time.

Is it a live weapon?

I would like to introduce the details of weapons in # 2 Weapon Creation.

Painting plan

I am planning to paint in the future, but this time I would like to paint with a color that imaged a desert MS.
I would like to paint the brown system in three different colors with gradation painting. I haven’t thought about the inner frame yet, so I’ll decide by the end of the brown series.
Next is weapon painting. I’m going to paint Gatling and Egel.
Thank you for watching until the end.