" /> MG Heavy Arms Egel equipment Build #2 Weapon Build - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

MG Heavy Arms Egel equipment Build #2  Weapon Build


Hello administrator.
This time I am going to paint the weapons. We want to paint the main body in a desert or wilderness image, so we want to paint the accessories in the same atmosphere.


Beam Gatling

The beam gatling was painted in a grey gradient.

Consists of two shielded parts. It is easy to separate the paintwork.
This photo shows the weathering also finished.

Paint used.
Gatling set Surfacer Black 1500 → Dark grey (gradation paint)
Shield Surfacer Mabogany 1000 → Tan (gradation paint)

army knife

The army knife blade is entirely painted silver and partially sprayed clear black. This painting can only be done with an airbrush.

Egel equipment

The most distinctive feature of this kit is the Egel equipment.

Missile container (shoulder)

There are 12 opening and closing windows each. I would paint it brown because I am aware of the desert area. I want to change the colour with the body, so I will paint it a slightly darker wood brown in a gradient.

Paint used.
Brown Surfacer Mabogany 1000 → Wood brown
Grey Surfacer Black 1500 → Phantom Grey
Red Surfacer Black → Mr Colourspray S81 Red No. 2 (maroon)
I used the can spray red because I had it in stock. There may be better colours available.

The lid of the missile that opens and closes is painted wood brown and accented with clear orange sprayed on top.

painted partitioning

Surfacer Black 1500 → Mr. Colourspray S81 Red No. 2 (maroon) is easily covered by masking only on the missile part. It looks messy, but I’m trying to paint it as well as I can.

Painted in phantom grey to hide the red areas. The back side of the unit is fully visible when it is lifted up, so it should be painted well.
The paint is applied in several light coats.

With masking removed. If you look closely, you can see that there is still some red on the bottom of the missile, so you should cover it up with enamel black or smear paint black.

The shoulder container now looks like this. The mould is then ready for smudging.

Missile pot (calf).

The warhead part has been painted red, which gives it a nice atmosphere The warhead part is a separate part, so it is relatively easy to paint.

Paint used
Brown Surfacer Mabogany 1000 → Tan (gradation paint)
Red Surfacer Black → Mr Colour Spray S81 Red No. 2 (maroon)

Caterpillar (leg)

The caterpillar parts are lightly drybrushed with enamel silver over black.
The dry brush is a wide brush with a small amount of paint applied by dabbing. The effect is like a faded colour with paint on the corners.

Paint used
Surfacer Black 1500 → Black

Brown is painted in a gradient of surfacer mabogany to wood brown. This is then stained with #4 weathering using weathering paste.

Paint used
Brown Surfacer Mabogany 1000 → Wood brown (gradient paint) → Smear black → Weathering paste


The painting is the main part of the project, which is now complete.
It took a lot of time due to the large number of items. Painting the missile pots was another time-consuming element. Even so, I think the hard work was worth it and it looks cool.

This completes the weapon painting. Next I will go on to paint the main body.
Thank you for watching until the end.