MG Heavy Arms Egel equipment Build #3 Basic paint 


Hello administrator.
This time it is a basic paint job. I am going to paint on the theme of an MS that looks like it will be fighting in the desert/wilderness. I bought two brown colours before I started building it and I will use them to paint it.


Paint used

There are three different browns prepared for this project, but two colours are used for the main body. Sandy brown and tan. The sandy brown is somewhat more yellow.

Paint used.
In this case, all surfacers for the outer parts are made of mabogany and the inner frame is black.
Body Main Mr Colour C44 Tan
Accent Mr Colour C19 Sandy brown
Inner frame Mr Colour C61 burnt iron (metallic)


Gradient painting. Mabogany is used for the base surfacer. The wood brown has a much better look, but the sandy brown and tan have left a surfacer colour statement.

Gradient painting requires an airbrush. If you have one, you can expand what you can do with painting. Recommended if you are thinking of continuing in the future.

Sprayed with tan.
Tan sprayed with a gradient coating from surfacer mabogany.
There is a considerable difference in the intensity of the colour, so that the underlying mabogany seems to stand out considerably.

Some parts are not attached, but the basic painting is complete. It would have been nice if we could have gradated from a closer colour, although I think the photo shows a little more assertiveness of the base colour by 30%.


Smearing process. The paint is added to the moulded area to give it a crisp finish.
A video of the previous work is available if you are interested.


I recently bought a decaling quick tray which is said to make decal work easier. It is like placing a cut-out decal on a damp sponge and dampening it. It was quite easy to use.
I would like to put together a page on how to apply decals and items.

After pasting, apply Mark Softener to the decal and press the softened area with a cotton swab to adhere it to the part.


Leave to dry and spray with matt clear to prevent peeling. If you don’t do this, small decals and the like will peel off and disappear before long, as the weathering will go on afterwards.

The decals peel off as they are touched, so they are protected once with matte clear. The whole area is lightly sprayed with matte paint, mainly in the areas where decals have been applied. This is a relief.

There are some parts that are not attached, but this completes the basic painting.
It has managed to achieve an ideal paint job. It has a desert/wilderness feel. The weathering will be done afterwards so the gradient paint will blend in.

This is the end of this issue. Next time we will do the weathering. I’m thinking of using weathering paste at least on the feet.
Thank you for watching until the end.