MG Heavy Arms Egel equipment Build #4 Weathering


Hello administrator.
Heavy Arms Eager equipment is now in its final stages. I will weatherize it to give it a realistic feel.


I will go on to express the scratches and dirt that have arrived on the aircraft.
This time, brown is the base colour, so we are using assertive black.
Put two drops of the solvent on a plate with a tiny bit of solvent and gently press it onto a melamine sponge.
See the video of a previous attempt.

shadow blowing

Spraying is carried out mainly in the vicinity of ducts and verniers, as well as scratches caused by chipping.
This time I hesitated between dark grey and black, but black had a better atmosphere, so I used black.
Flat black diluted 3 or 4 times with enamel solvent and sprayed with an airbrush.

weathering paste

Represents dirt with soil.
This process uses a weathering paste from Creos. Apply the weathering paste to the area to be stained with a wide brush, diluting it with a thinning solution. Blow it off lightly and you are done.

Top Coat

Topcoat for the final finish. Weatherization pastes and other products are easy to remove, so this single spray is a safe choice.


Weatherization complete.
This is a process that can be completed in one day, but is highly effective. Heavy Arms’ is ready to fight in the desert. I haven’t used weathering paste for a long time and I love it because you only need to apply a little to create a dusty look.
This completes the entire process.
Thank you for watching until the end.