Build of MG Gundam Heavy Arms Eagel equipment in desert paint.


Hello administrator.
Recently, when I find cheap Gundam plastic models, I can’t help but buy them and am adding to my plastic pile. I recently bought Hazel Kai and Sinanju Ver.Ka. Let them wait in the closet for a while.
So, what we are going to build this time is the creation of the Heavy Arms Eager equipment. This MS is a kit purchased from Premium Bandai and equipped with equipment that does not appear in the main series. This is another Gunpla that’s been waiting in the closet for a while, it took me a while to make up my mind because it looked like it would be hard to build with a lot of equipment.
As the kit has a lot of equipment, I felt strongly about the combat image, so I chose a colour with a strong weaponry feel and painted it.
Please see the summary of the process of such a creation.

manufacturer’s website

It has a lot of weapons and looks like a full armour Heavy Arms. This is the first kit I bought among the wing-based Gundams.


Temporary assembly and look at it for painting.

Weapons Build

Painting and painting of missile pots and other accessories, etc.

Basic paint

Gradient painting in desert style.


It is stained by chipping and shadowblowing.


Completion. It took a lot of time because of the many accessories. The creation period is three weeks without refurbishment or detailing. The box was also small, so I thought it would be completed more quickly.

The body is also two shades of brown, but you can hardly tell. The matt clear may have erased the colour difference.

If it is just the body, the range of movement is relatively large and the degree of freedom is high, but thanks to the container and machine gun on the shoulder, it is almost impossible to move it. Well, once it is completed, there is no problem because there is almost nothing to touch.

The shoulders and chest are powerful when open. Cool.

Guf Custom made last autumn. This kit was also built with the concept of a desert feel.
When I put them side by side, I feel that the gradation is tighter this time.

I spent three weeks making this Heavy Arms and I like it a lot because it has a strong weapon atmosphere. I painted it on the theme of Heavy Arms fighting in the desert and wilderness, giving priority to my own fantasy.
In my assessment, the brown I used for the shoulder containers turned out to be a good idea, which I was able to change by using clear orange in parts. As for the lighter brown of the body, it seems as if the underlying surfacer, the mabogany, is coming out too strongly. It might have been better to use a closer base.

This is the end of this issue. I would like to make other wing-based Gundams in different colours.
Thank you for watching until the end.

Next I will go on to build the Zing Radiator, which arrived in July from Premium Bandai. This kit also has a lot of equipment, so it will take a lot of time.