Building QUBELEY EMBELLIR #1 Temporary assembly


Hello, I am the administrator.
I am going to do a temporary assembly this time. It’s based on the Cubelay that was released a long time ago, so I’m quite interested to see what it looks like.

unsealed letter

The box is quite large.

White parts are shiny. I feel it is a waste of time as I have to file them down.

The included decals are as sparkly as the plating.


Before assembly, the runners are labelled with masking tape to start.
The assembly itself is particularly normal, but the size of the parts is a feature.

Detail re-carving

I want to make a final smear, so I trace the recessed mould with a pin vice to make it stand out.
It is best to trace lightly and repeatedly. If it sticks out, it will disappear if you file it.


The parts are large, so it is easier to assemble than it looks. However, it took about three days because we are doing the gate processing together.

Funnel compartment on back. Beam sabre attached to inner part of arm.

Painting Plan

I would like to try a pearl white gloss finish for this paint job.
For the pink, I bought fluorescent ping, which is quite an aggressive colour and the first time I’ve used it. I’m going to proceed with the painting using colours like this.

That’s all for this issue. Next time we will go ahead and paint.
Thank you for watching until the end.