Building QUBELEY EMBELLIR #2 Painting


Hello, I am the administrator.
This time, the temporary assembly has no weapons, so the main body will be painted after the temporary assembly. I hope to get a nice shine, but I don’t have much experience, so I’m simply finishing it up without going too deep.


painting material

The paint used this time is basically glossy paint. I thought it would be cool to add gold to some parts, so I used red gold that I had in stock.

Paint used.
White Surfacer White 1500 → Cool White → Topaz Gold

Pink Surfacer pink → Fluorescent pink

Purple Surfacer Grey → Purple → White pearl

Inner frame Surfacer black 1500 → White pearl

One-point painting with red gold and enamel paint titanium silver.


This time all the paint is solid. The paint is carefully applied to avoid dust.

The paint was applied too thickly and cracked, so it was scraped down with a sponge file until there were no more bumps and repainted.

Partially painted

The finger joints are painted with enamel paint Titanium Silver. The paint is thinned a little to make it easier to apply and painted with a brush. The enamel paint can be removed afterwards even if it sticks out, so it is safe.

Painting of gundam markers

I partially painted it with the Gundam Markers in plated silver. Because the decal that comes with it is plated, the atmosphere matched and it became a good feeling.
The person who painted comparatively more became beautiful.
Topcoat and clear etc. are the end in this state because the feeling of plating disappears.


It is smudged with Tamiya’s smudging paint black. The mould was re-carved at the temporary assembly stage, so the colour is firmly attached.

Completion of painting

Painting is complete. The painting period took about five days. The work was done only at night, so it went fairly smoothly.


The main camera was supported by the decals provided.

First experience with chrome decals. Surprisingly, it could be applied normally.
As with normal decals, the thin parts can break if pulled, and it seems that softeners such as Mark Softener can be used. (I realised that it was written after completion…)


The painting is also complete. It took 18 days, probably due to the fact that I was trying various things as I went along.
It has been a while since I tried pearl paint, but it is quite difficult and requires practice. I was going to spray UV resin with an airbrush at first, but I gave up this time because it would have violated the first coat of paint, and I thought that if I sprayed it with a UV light it would become very shiny and hard, but I will try again after a little more research.

This is the end of this issue.
Thank you for watching until the end.