Gin Gladiator Build #1 Temporary


Hello administrator.
I will temporarily assemble this kit, which arrived at the end of July. I don’t know the circumstances of the success of this MS, so I’m going to be a little paranoid as I go along.

unsealed letter

It is the impression of a standard MG kit without any particularly unusual parts.


Labelling all runners with masking tape first. This will make assembly work easier.

The assembly is made by cutting the convex part of the snap-fit diagonally in half. The gating process is also carried out together. It is cleaned with a sandpaper of about #600.

The detailing is well done in the shoulder area but not visible.


body (of a machine)

The work went smoothly because it was a standard MG and the construction of the joints was just as I had imagined it would be.
It is full of backpacks, swords, etc. As you can see, it wants to fall back a little.


There are four weapons included. The rifle also comes with three spare magazines.


Long backpacks towards the back. It is good for individuality, although it causes an imbalance when standing. If you are decorating with an action base, this is not a problem.

Painting plans

I was torn between a plan to change the colour drastically and make it unique, or to change the tone somewhat based on the setting colour, as I don’t know the status of the activities of this MS, but I will go with the latter colouring, which is closer to the setting colour.
I will use a gradient paint method. I would like to be able to put in a partial paint split and spray the Gundam marker plated silver somewhere.

I will go on to paint the weapons next. It will take some time as there are a lot of items.
Thank you for watching until the end.