Ginn gladiator #4 Weatheriing


Hello administrator.

This time, the final step is weathering. This process will give the image an atmosphere of having been in combat and a realistic look. This is a relatively easy technique, so please give it a try.

work contents

Frosted clear


Shadow Blowing

Weathering Master

matted clear

The decals were applied after painting, so they are coated with matte clear to protect them.

A spray to prevent the small decals from disappearing before you know it when you touch it!


It is an expression of small scratches and colour fading that appeared several times in combat.

Dip a melamine sponge in enamel paint flat black and press down lightly. Small black dots are randomly placed on the surface to make it look scratchy.

This time, I also did it with a dry brush brush with shortened bristles from a wide brush. The effect is similar to a melamine sponge.

shadow blowing

This is the representation of soot near verniers, ducts, etc.

An airbrush is required for shadow blowing.

The paint is sprayed with a thin layer of enamel paint flat black. This time it was too thin and it was a little difficult to get the colour to come out.

Once the shadow spraying is finished, the topcoat matte finish is sprayed. Each part is wiped lightly as the matt clear is sprayed several times on the way.


The weathering work is complete.
It now looks as if it has been in battle several times.
The red used this time is relatively dark, so the black weathering doesn’t seem to stand out as much. Surprisingly, light grey might have been better.

The silver used for the knees etc. was not a standing up paint job, so I was very conscious of it and shadowblasted it.
I might have used a weathering master, but it was an MS that I didn’t know whether it was a space aircraft or a ground fighter, so while I was wondering about it, it was completed.
It was an aircraft with no basic information, so I couldn’t fully fantasise about it, but it was quite a voluminous piece of equipment, and it was cool!

This is the end of this issue.
Thank you for watching until the end.