Ginn gladiator with gradient painting.


Hello administrator.

Recently I’ve been buying too many Gundam plastic models, and my plastic pile is expanding: the number of Lindtvurm, which arrived in the third round, Geong, which I met by chance, and Crossbone Gundam, which I bought on impulse, is increasing rapidly.

This is the creation of the Zingradiator, which arrived from Premium Bandai in early summer this year. I thought I would leave it in the pile for a while because I didn’t know the background of this mobile suit at all, but I thought it would be better to make a new kit as soon as possible, so I created it. It was created with a colouring in line with the setting. I hope it will be of help to those who will make it in the future.

manufacturer’s website

Premium Bandai detail page. 

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1 provisional group

2 Weapon creation

3 Basic painting

4 Weathering.


The Zingladiator is completed. The working period was 18 days. It took quite a while…
Was the amount of equipment the reason why it took so long?

We are proud to say that the gradient red from Mabogany has worked well.

The big sword has a little shadowblowing on the patterned parts, which I think gave it a nice look.

So it was completed, but the number of pieces of equipment and the number of colours of those pieces of equipment was quite a challenge.
This time I chose colours in line with the colours of the setting, and I think it turned out quite well.

Although there is a lot of equipment, the assembly goes smoothly because of the relatively standard construction. It may be an easy-to-build kit.

This is the end of this issue. Thank you for watching until the end.

The next model to be built is the MG Jesta. It is a mass production machine of the Federation system after a long time. I am thinking about what colour to paint it.