" /> ZAKU special feature A compilation of the ZAKUs that have been created so far. - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

ZAKU special feature A compilation of the ZAKUs that have been created so far.


Hello, I’m the administrator.
I want to make Zaku several times a year, but recently it is difficult to buy Zaku due to the rising price of Gundam plastic models. It is not unusual for them to be sold for 7,000 yen on the internet. When I find a cheap kit in such a situation, I buy it without fail.

The MS-06 series is a kit that I really like because it has the atmosphere of a weapon that is an extension of a tank or fighter and looks great when it is given a slightly dirty and damaged effect. I summarised the history of the creation of such Zaku. I hope it will be of some help.


MS-06S ZAKU II General soldier

This kit was created in the summer of 2022; I wanted to buy the MS-06F Zaku for space to give it an anti-ship rifle that I found on amazon, but there were no re-releases and I could just buy the MS-06S Shia-specific, so I painted it in the colours of a civilian soldier.

Detail-up parts are attached to the shoulder spikes and right shoulder shield using a 3D printer.
The painting is done by smudging, chipping and shadow spraying.
The work period was about two weeks. I think I was able to build it relatively smoothly.
See link below for paint and work process.

MS-06S ZAKU II for Char.

Gunpla made in the spring of 2021. At that time, Gunpla prices were not high and I bought this kit for 2000 yen at a second-hand shop. I think I was lucky to be able to buy an MG kit for 2000 yen even back then, before the price of Gundam plastic models skyrocketed.

I used Gundam Colours for the first time because I wanted to make this kit faithful to the setting colours. I thought that if I painted it solid, it would be the same as the moulding colour, so I painted it standing up from a surfacer red. At the time, I spent about three months building it in a lazy way.

For some reason, the decals are all red and almost unidentifiable. I don’t understand…
Please look at the record of the creation at that time if it is good because it is published.

MS-06R ZAKU II, dedicated to Johnny Raiden

MS-06R, the crimson lightning, dedicated to Johnny Ryden.
This kit is a kit that I really wanted to build and bought at a premium during the Gunpla price hike.

It was the first MS-06R in a long time, having built the Shin Matsunaga MS-06R-1A a few years before building this kit, and the work went relatively smoothly as the construction of the backpack and equipment near the snout differs from the 06S and 06F.
I made it almost as normal, and painted it by standing up, although I did some detailing. The kit took about 16 days to complete.

You can see a detailed page on the creation process from the banner below. Take a look.

MS-06F-2 F2 ZAKUⅡ E.F.S.F.

This is a Zaku in Federation Forces colours from 0083 Stardust Memory.
This is an old kit that went on sale in 2000, but was released at the same time as the Guf Custom, which is still popular these days. Although the range of movement is not so wide, the design of this MS is quite likeable.
The paintwork on this kit is mainly can spray, with weathering done by washing and chipping. It is made in a way that can be reproduced even by those without an airbrush.
I don’t remember how long it took me to make this kit as it was made a long time ago. Please see the link below.

MS-05B ZAKU I, for Ramba Ral

It is created by mixing the old kit Zaku I and Zaku Ver. 2.0. The whole painting is done using can spray. It is worrying that there are extra parts in both kits, but the range of movement is considerably wider, so you can do poses you can’t do with the old kit, which gives it a special feeling.
I used MS-06F (for space) for the Ver. 2.0 Zaku, but I think it would have been better to use MS-06J (for Earth).
With the MS-06F, there is a small vernier next to the snout, which has to be filled in with putty. 06J does not have that vernier, so it is easy to do.
The time of creation was quite a long time ago, so my memory is poor, so I’ll put up a link to the creation explanation page, so please have a look if you like.


Is Zak addictive? I build it every year. Even now, I have a pile of Dozle-specific Zaku in my wardrobe, and I also want to build the MS-06F-2 F2 again. My desire to build Zaku knows no bounds. I will add new Zaku to this page when I build them again. I would like to end this article with the hope that the rising price of Gundam plastic models will stop as soon as possible.
Next time, I’ll make a special page for the Gundams of the Space Century.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.