MG Jesta Build #1 Tentative assembly


Hello, I’m the administrator.
I buy too many Gunpla in the summer, so I’ve been holding back a bit. But if I find a Jim-type model, I might buy it…

Well, this time I’m making the Federation’s mass production machine, the Jesta, which is also a Jim-type model. As it is a fairly standard kit, the temporary assembly went smoothly. It took me about three days to do the gate processing at the same time.



The packaging box is one of the smallest MGs. This is probably because it is a simple aircraft with no transformation or combination.

The hands are “Emotion Manipulator SP”, so even the fingers can move freely.

reassembling a building

Assembly went relatively smoothly. It takes three days, including gate processing, etc.

The chest part seemed to become impossible to remove once it was framed, so I drilled a 1.5 mm hole in the back.


It’s a Jim-type jester, but quite cool. It has a Special Forces feel to it.

It’s a Jim-type jester, but quite cool. It has a Special Forces feel to it.

Equipped with beam rifles, shields and beam sabres Beam rifles are cool!

The shield is not attached to the arm, but is like an arm extending from the backpack and can be extended and retracted to move freely.

The vernier part operates from the base.

Three rifle magazines can be stored behind the right arm.

detail up

This time I did a bit of detailing – it’s meant for HG, but I bought it because I thought it would be fine if I used it for detailing.

Disassembled, filed and glued on. It is an easy detail-up.

It is pasted in places throughout.

The paste is applied in selected areas where it is not very noticeable.


It has taken about five days for temporary assembly and detailing. I’m working lazily, so I guess it can’t be helped.

As an impression of the kit, it has long legs and a good style, but the moulding colour is navy blue, so it looks like a swat of the special forces.

I think it is difficult to do gradation painting because the setting colour of Jesta is a very dark navy blue, but I think I will choose a few colours and paint it up in a way that is close to the setting colour.
I think that the Gundam colour Titans colour is the target.

Next is the creation of weapons.

Thank you for seeing to the end.