MG JESTA Build #2 Weapon Build


Hello administrator.
This time I would like to create a weapon.
I want to paint the main body with a standing paint job, so I’m going to proceed with the weapon with that in mind.

beam rifle

Beam rifle and spare magazine.
The beam rifle is built in two halves vertically so that they are aligned. Three spare magazines and three can be mounted in the right hand. This one also has an alignment mark.

Baked iron colour for the gun tip and scope section. The body is painted ocean grey with a black surfacer to gradient paint.

We do the smudging, decals and shadow spraying. The process is exactly the same as for the main body, and the same process is followed for the shield and beam sabre.

Paint used.
Surfacer Black 1500 → Ocean Grey (gradient paint).
Partially solid paint with burnt iron colour.


The shield is painted in the same colour as the main body. The arm extending from the backpack is painted in silver and Titans blue, the same colour as the main body. The gradation painting is done, but it is not visible in the photo due to the small size of the parts and the difficult-to-understand colouring.

The surface is painted in a gradation of surfacer black to Titans blue, while the reverse side is ocean grey, which was also used on the beam rifle. The missile parts are shadow-blasted in white. I also use Intermediate Blue and other colours.

The paint on this shield is similar to the paint on the main body and is the standard for the main body paint.

Paint used
Surface Surfacer Black 1500 → Titans Blue
Back surface Surfacer Black 1500 -> Ocean Grey
Partially baked iron colour.

beam sabre

The beam rifle can be stored on the back of the left arm, but it has been painted with a gradation of colours from surfacer black to intermediate blue. I also applied a few decals.

Paint used.
Surfacer Black 1500 → Ocean Grey


This weapon creation has been carried out together with the main body, so it was easy to match the atmosphere of the painting.
After the painting is completed, smudging, decals and matte clear are done.
I forgot to erase the joints of the beam rifle, but I feel that it was not so noticeable.
This time it is completion in this.
Next is the basic painting of the main body.
Thank you for seeing to the end.