MG JESTA Build #3 Basic painting


Hello Manager.
Basic painting process. This is up to painting, smudging and decals.
The main colour is painted Titans Blue. I chose a slightly shifted feel from the setting colour.


painting material

The surfacers used this time are mostly dark colours, so I generally use black and paint up from there. As a large amount is used, we dilute it in advance.

Paint used.
Surfacer black → Titans Blue 2
(Partial purple on top of Titans Blue 2)
Surfacer Black → Ocean Grey
Surfacer black → Intermediate blue


Basically, it is painted with a standing up paint job. I have the impression that it was easy to find the place for the raising because the kit is relatively angular.

Rise painting requires an airbrush.

Partially painted in purple to accentuate the colour, but it was not very noticeable.


The rifles are basically grey, although the rifle smear is black.


I had taken some leftover decals from a previous kit I had built, so I used those decals.
I ignored the way they fit in the instructions and stuck them wherever I wanted.

dry decal

For dry decals, cellophane tape is used every time. If you use it normally, the adhesive is strong and may peel off the painted surface underneath, so you peel off what you have stuck to the mat once and use the one whose adhesive has weakened.
Cellophane tape is transparent and easy to use because it is easy to determine the position of the tape.
Position it firmly and rub it firmly with something with a round tip. The manager rubs with the other side of the brush.


Basic painting is complete.
The Jester now has a slightly more blue look. As you can imagine, the paintwork is a bit unique. I’m going to do the weathering after this. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will look at the end.
I mainly used white decals, but it might have been nice to sprinkle some yellow in places.
This is the end of this project.
Next is the weathering of the last process.
Thank you for watching until the end.