MG Enhanced Double Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka Build #3 Painting②


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator.
It’s been cold and I haven’t been feeling very well lately… I’ve also tended to skip creating things. I’m going to change my mind somehow and get on with it.

The backpack, lower body and upper body have been divided into three blocks, and the last block, the painting of the upper body and the decal and line painting of the entire body, is the process.



The upper body has been slightly detailed and painted. The arms and chest have a deformation gimmick, so they are disassembled and painted considerably.

line carving

I wanted to do a bit of line carving, so I used two different blue colours.
It’s a simple detail up, but it gives a nice, crisp colour separation.


Following the painting of the lower body, the upper body is being painted in gradient paint. The basic colouring is also made to feel more white.

Paint used.
Surfacer Grey → Sail Colour → Gundam Colour White
Surfacer Black → Titans Blue 2
Surfacer Black → Intermediate Blue
Surfacer Mabogany → Gundam Colour Shire Pink
Surfacer Black → Baked Iron Colour

painted partitioning

Painted with the same Titans Blue 2 points as the backpack The rest is painted white standing up from the same sail colour as the overall white.

Arm wings.
The moulding colour is red, but it pops quite a bit and diminishes the feeling of the weapon, so it is painted in the same white as the whole.

Painting is complete. It took about 20 days to paint the backpack, lower body and upper body. This time it took longer than previous kits because there were more paint separations than before.
When it comes to this point, I want to finish it all at once until completion.

line painting

The line painting used in this case is grey. It is a natural colour for line carving with a slightly less assertive line.
The mechanical character is emphasised as the parting lines are clearly visible.


I spent about two days applying the water-transfer decals that come with it.
I proceeded while watching the balance because there are decals that cannot be used because I changed the colouring by painting it white when it was originally red.
I dry overnight and adhere firmly with a mark softener.

I worked with the “Decurling Quick Tray for water transfer decals” that I have been using since last year, but it was quite easy to use and the work went smoothly, even though I’m a lazy manager when it comes to applying decals.


The painting process took a lot of time. We work on it almost every day, but the amount of work is small and we don’t seem to make any progress.

The upper body was painted with a lot of disassembly. This is one of the reasons why it took so long to paint the upper half of the body, as well as the fact that I did some things I don’t normally do, such as line carving and paint separation…
However, it did look quite elaborate.

The wings of the arms were painted, but the colour difference was at a level that did not show up in the photos, so it was work that did not have to be done. Shame…
In the end, I think it all came together nicely.

Found a part I forgot to paint!
When I’d finished applying the decals to the whole model, I found a part for the backpack wings that I’d left in another place!
I almost completed the model without the wings.
I will paint them before weathering.

The next step is weathering. I’m going to stain it a bit more sparingly and with a grey base.
Thank you for watching until the end.