MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai Build #1 Tentative assembly


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator.
The last Enhanced Double Zeta I made took quite a long time and I had to take a little break after completion. I’m about to start Astray Red Frame with a fresh mind from this time.

The temporary assembly this time is in line with the Blue frame I made a year and a half ago, so I’m going to build it in that way and paint and weather it so that it won’t look out of place when I take the two-shot photos.


unsealed letter

The plated sword caught my eye when I opened the package. It’s shiny and cool. The name seems to be “Gerbera Straight, Tiger Pier”. It looks like a Japanese sword.


The first step is labelling. For the MG series, which has a large number of runners, doing this improves work efficiency. I always do this these days.
The blue frame I made about a year and a half ago was a good reference and assembly went relatively smoothly.
The build is relatively simple.
The Tactical Arms II L differs slightly from the Blue Frame, but the construction is roughly the same.


Assembly complete.
It took about four days to complete the temporary assembly. We are also working on the gate processing etc. together, but we are working very slowly. If we build it properly, we can probably do the weighing in about two days.

Weapons and equipment

Tactical Arms’ was relatively smooth to assemble, although it deformed.

The Arrow form, which looks like a bow and arrow, and the Sword form, which looks like a large sword, may require the use of a stand if you want to pose them on a stand.

Future work

This time I am going to paint it a little differently.
I am going to use a slightly deeper red for the overall paint atmosphere with the frame.
The parts that come with the blue frame are also included so I will keep them as they can be used for something.

This is where I will end this time. I will go on to paint the weapons next.
Thank you for watching until the end.