" /> MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #1 Tentative assembly - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #1 Tentative assembly


Hello my name is Duck, I am the administrator.
I’m going to make the Black Triple Star’s high-orbit Zaku into the Char’s high-orbit Zaku that appeared on the island of Kursudan. There are several modification points, but let’s start from the temporary assembly first.



First, open the package. After taking each runner out of the bag, label it. It is normal for Master Grade to have more than 10 runners, so labeling them will make the work go smoothly.


The first thing to do after opening the package is to label the runners. Master Grade has a large number of runners, so doing this makes the process go relatively smoothly. Recently, I always do this. This is especially effective for large kits. It may seem a bit annoying, but I recommend labeling before work.

gate processing

Cutting off from the runner is done twice. Roughly cut and cut with nippers for cutting. After that, use a stick file #600 to prepare it and it is done.
If you plan to paint it, you can cut it at the very end and file it.

Do not forget to treat the parting line. It is prepared with an iron file or stick file so that it is clean and flat.


Assembly is complete.
It took about 5 days to finish the temporary assembly because it was difficult to find time to work on it.
The Zaku series has been made many times, so the work is progressing smoothly. The power pipes in three places are my weak point every time.
However, it is stable and cool.

Accessories and Weapons

There are three weapons that come with the Zaku machine gun, the heat hawk, the Zaku bazooka, and the giant bazooka. I think I will choose the Giant Bazooka this time.

Future Development

I have completed the temporary assembly of the Zaku, but I would like to change the color, add a Vulcan to the shoulder, and add a rifle-like weapon to the Zaku.
I would like to have a long rifle like the anti-ship rifle that I had when I changed the color of the Zaku for Char to the color of a common soldier in the spring of this year.

I am going to base my ideas on combat in space. For the color, I plan to use azuki, which has recently become a favorite of mine. Recently, I often use relatively deep colors, so I will use the same pattern this time.

Next time, I will show you the details.
Thank you very much for reading to the end.