" /> MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #3 Weapons Build - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #3 Weapons Build


Hello, I am Duck, the administrator.

This time I will go ahead and do the creation and painting of the weapons.
The Giant Busca, Zaku machine gun, and Heat Hawk were included in the kit, but this time I will not use the Heat Hawk, but will paint a new rifle that was sold separately and was the right size for 1/100.



This is a Zaku machine gun, the most major weapon that Zaku has. Usually, the Zaku machine gun is finished in a single color, burnt iron + matte clear, but this time I tried to color-code it in several different colors. Although I think that the Zaku machine gun is the same as the Shia-specific Zaku machine gun, which is the theme of this project, I used several colors just for the sake of interest.
The colors are not that good, but this time I finished with these colors.

Here are the paints I used
Based on Surfacer Black 1500, I used Mr. Color C61 Burnt Iron and Mr. Color C22 Dark Earth for the grip, and Mr. Color C37 RLM75 Gray Violet for the other parts.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

giant bazooka (Macrobazooka)

The Giant Bazooka is painted in a gradation of gray violet from surfacer black. This item has a lot of painted surfaces, which is rare for a weapon, and can be painted with gradation paint.
A little decal I bought recently is applied.

The paint used is Mr. Color C37 RLM75 Gray Violet on the surfacer black, and Mr. Color C22 Dark Earth on the grip.
The scope lens is painted from the back side with Mr. Color C6 Green.

long machine gun

One of the rifles I had bought on amazon was in an assortment of plastic models, and it looked like it would look good on Shia Zaku, so I painted it together.

Paint used
Mr. Color C37 RLM75 Gray Violet for the grip area and Mr. Color C61 Burnt Iron for the center part. The barrel part is almost invisible, but I used Mr. Color C8 Silver and Kreos Mr. Color Dark Green BS641 C361 for the cover around the barrel.

I tried to make him hold the rifle, but the rifle could not be fixed properly, so I put a magnet that I bought last year in the rifle. The size of the magnet was 3mm, so I made a hole with a drill of the same size and put the magnet in the hole. It is safe and secure.


Just the right size weapon for a 1/100 scale kit.
The construction is a little bit messy, so some treatment is necessary, but if you paint it well, it will look very special.
The link is from amazon in Japan, but I’ll post the product link for your reference.


Weapon creation is complete.
Normally, I simply use a single color, but this time I decided to use several colors. I would like to have a little more sense in color selection.
I think the additional rifle I bought from amazon looks pretty cool. Char has an anti-ship rifle in the “Origin” movie, and I chose a silhouette similar to that.
Next is the painting of the main body. I will finish it with gradation paint.
Thank you very much for your understanding.