MG three-star high-mobility type Zaku converted for Char. Finished with gradation paint and weathering.


Hello, I am Duck, the administrator of this site.
This time I tried to create a high-mobility type Char Zaku that appeared a little bit in Kukurusudoan. I’m going to modify the high-mobility type Zaku of the triple star that I had bought before and make it into a high orbital type Zaku exclusive for Shia. I made parts with detail-up parts and 3D printer to make it closer to Char’s high-orbit type Zaku that appeared a little in Kukurusudoan. Furthermore, I completed it while referring to the origin version exclusive for Char.


Manufacturer’s Site

バンダイ ホビーサイト

There are several high-mobility type Zaku released by Johnny Raiden, Shin Matsunaga, and Premium Bandai, but I think it is better to buy one after you find out its individuality. I think Shin Matsunaga would have been a good choice for the exclusive use of Char this time.



Detail up

Weapons Build

Basic painting (painting of main body)



It has been completed.
It took more than two months to complete the project, partly because it was difficult to find time to work on it recently. I think the fact that I tried something I am not used to doing is also the reason for the prolonged period of time.

We are satisfied with the results, partly because we were able to do all the work we had planned, even though it took a long time.

It took me a long time, but since I was familiar with the kit, I did not have any trouble with the creation process. The most time-consuming part was probably the detailing. It was difficult to prepare just the right items, such as making the elbow parts and finding the brass pipes for the chest Vulcan.

I borrowed the additional missile pod from the MG Zaku J model, so I have a Zaku without a missile pod in my closet, so I will make one someday.
I am glad I found a cool long machine gun in the assortment of rifles I bought from amazon.

I painted it with a gradation of colors from a surfacer mabogani, but the color still came out dark, so I might have added another layer of brighter red with some highlights.

So, I made the Zaku of the three-star to be exclusive for Char, and it became quite cool and I am satisfied with the result. I have a Zaku Ver. 2.0 J-type (for ground use) and a Dozle Zaku in my inventory, so I will make them again someday.
Thank you very much for watching until the end.

Next time, I will make the AGE-1 Full Grantha extension parts for Gundam AGE that I bought from Premium Bandai and equip it to the main body that I made last spring.