" /> MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #5 Weathering - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

MG MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku for Char #5 Weathering


Hello, this is Duck, the administrator.

This is the last process of weathering the Char’s high-orbit Zaku. I started to make it since last December, and I finally made it to this point.
In the weathering process, I am doing chipping, which is a reproduction of color peeling, and shadow spraying for soot and dirt. I am aiming for a more realistic finish by adding scratches from battle and soot from the vernier.



Chipping is a process in which scratches and color peeling are expressed by using enamel paints on top of basic paint with lacquer-based paints. This time, two colors, flat black and titanium silver, are used.
A sponge is cut into 1 cm pieces and placed between painting clips, which are used for painting parts, and the enamel paints are lightly pressed onto the sponge. This is repeated twice, once in black and once in titanium silver.
I also used titanium silver because the color of the body is relatively deep, so black alone would not stand out.

I think Shah probably won’t be hit too hard, so I’m being modest and dirty this time.

shadow blowing

After chipping is shadow blowing. This is done with an airbrush.
The flat black used for chipping is diluted with enamel solvent and airbrushed onto the vernier area, joints, and areas that have been stained by chipping.
I do this every time because it is relatively easy to express soot and dirt.
If the body color is a little brighter, I sometimes use a grayish shadow spray.


After the chipping and shadow spraying, it is time for the final topcoat. The entire surface is lightly sprayed with matte clear since it has been sprayed with matte clear at the creation stage. The weathering and other textures done with enamel paints are evened out with the basic paint, giving a natural look to the finish.


All the work is now complete. Since the basic color of red is relatively deep, chipping only with black would not stand out, so I also used titanium silver, which gave a nice atmosphere to the silver that can be seen here and there. I will continue to do this in the future.
The shadow spray was a little too diluted and there is not much soot stain on it. But this is probably a good and natural way to do it.
I am satisfied with the finish because I was able to do all the work I planned to do.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.