" /> Building of MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Gransa for extension parts #1 tentative assembly - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

Building of MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Gransa for extension parts #1 tentative assembly


Hello, this is Duck, the administrator.
I have completed the tentative assembly of the extension parts for the MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Granza. I added new parts to the main body that I made with gradation paint last April to increase the detail. The finished product has a massive atmosphere, and the grasstro launcher on its back is large and has a strong presence. However, it needs a stand due to its weight. Temporary assembly took about 5 days, including gate processing.


Opening the package: Package appearance and contents

AGE-1 for Full Grantha Before starting the assembly of the expansion parts, we opened the box, which contains four bags of runners, one for each of the four AGE-1 models, and the other for the AGE-1 Full Grantha. The runners were labeled with masking tape and are now ready for the upcoming assembly process.

Assembly: Details of the assembly process flow and procedure

The first step is to remove the parts that were added in the detail-up of AGE-1 made last year. The shoulder and calf parts are in the way, so I removed them. They are attached with super glue, so I cut them off with nippers and filed them. It seems to be all right to paint them.

It leaves a solid mark and needs to be handled tightly. If I had known that this Fullgranza extension part would be available, I would not have done this detailing…

The green clear parts on the chest are to be replaced with new white parts, but since they are attached with adhesives, they will not come off… We will leave the green clear parts as they are.
Of course, it will not be visible when the chest armor is attached.

The vernier part of the back? The parts of the back vernier part will also be replaced. The detail in the 0 is a little different. The Grasstro launcher and Zephrd launcher have been changed so that they can be connected.
I am glad that this part is not attached with glue. If this part didn’t come off, it would have been meaningless to buy a kit of full-granza extension parts…

The antenna on the head is also to be replaced, and the green clear parts are to be changed to yellow clear parts, but since these parts are also firmly fixed with adhesives, I will proceed without changing that part.


The installation of the armor section is shown in the video. Before painting, the proportions, etc. are temporarily assembled to confirm the proportions.

Grasstro Launcher, Zephrd Launcher

The Grasstro Launcher and Zephrd Launcher are quite voluminous, but a stand is included to prevent them from falling over. Without it, it will fall over.

Grasstro launcher and zefrd launcher can be changed by replacement.

Detail up


Completed: Temporary assembly is complete and future painting

Temporary assembly is complete. The slender AGE-1 has become a very stout body.
Since the main body was already completed, there was not much work to be done, but it took about 5 days to complete the temporary assembly. The armor is designed to be put on and taken off, so it is easy to disassemble. It is also easy to paint.
Unfortunately, the finger parts are no longer replaceable, so I only have the ones that are currently attached… I should have kept them.

Future development: Image of painting

I plan to do the painting and weathering this time.
For painting, I will use the Titans Blue color that I used on the Jesta I made before. I would also like to accentuate the red back with a little orange in places.
Basically, I will finish the painting by standing up paint as same as AGE-1.
I plan to use the same level of weathering as I did on the main body.
I am not sure how it will turn out in the end, but this is how I plan to go about painting it.
Next is the painting process.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.