" /> Building of MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Gransa for extension parts #2 Painting - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

Building of MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Gransa for extension parts #2 Painting


Hello, this is Duck, the administrator.
Continuing from the last issue, here is the painting process of the Fulgrantha creation. The main part of this project is painting, but I am also working on smudging and applying decals.
I am trying to create a color scheme that is consistent with the AGE-1 that I made last year. The overall color is a gradation of paint, a little darker than the original color.



Gradation painting with airbrush. 6 kinds of paints used.
Masking was done for the wings.

I used masking to paint the outside a little. I used orange.

It gave a nice atmosphere. I could have tried accents in gray or white.

For the first time, I mixed surfacers to make a dark gray and painted it.

The painting is complete.
It looks just as I imagined. It is easy to disassemble and paint since it is made of extension parts.

Painting material

Surfacer Mabogany → Gundam Color UG04 MS Red (gradation paint)
The wings are painted mainly in red, with Mr. Color C59 Orange (orange) used to accentuate the color. I used orange this time, but I also wanted to use gray or white.
Surfacer Black → Gundam Color UG17 Titans Blue 2 (gradation paint)
Surfacer Gray → Kreos Mr. Color Gray No. 9 C97 (gradation paint)
Dark Gray
Surfacer Black + Surfacer Gray → Kreos Mr. Color Ocean Gray C362 (gradation paint)
Surfacer Black → Mr. Color Baked Iron Color C61 (solid paint)

After painting the color, matte clear is sprayed.

matted clear

From this time on, the paint is sprayed with an airbrush. I transfer the paint to a large bottle and dilute it in advance at a ratio of about 1:solvent 1.25. This saves time and effort compared to diluting the paint each time, and the dilution is more consistent, which works well for paints that are used frequently.

line painting

Smudging work
I painted the mold with Tamiya’s smudging paint. This paint is relatively colorless, so I let it dry thoroughly and checked the color before wiping it off with enamel paint. It will be quite difficult to wipe off.


I applied the included decals according to the manual. Since the paint was painted according to the color of the setting, there was no trouble with the decals becoming invisible after applying them to the specified locations.
Again, I made full use of the Decurling Quick Tray for water transfer decals. Since I started using this, decal work has become much easier. It is a highly recommended tool.


Basic painting has been completed. I have chosen colors that are in line with the settings and painted them. The AGE-1 I made last year was painted in a raised finish, so the Fullgrantha extension parts I am making this time are also painted in a raised finish. The color is a little different from the color shown in the assembly manual, but I think it gives a good atmosphere.
It took about 5 days of work. It took a lot of time because I did not have much time to work on it, so I had to do it little by little.
Now that the painting, decals, and smudging are complete, we will move on to the weathering work.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.