Building of MG Gundam AGE-1 Full Gransa for extension parts #3 Weathering work


Hello, this is Duck, the administrator.
This is the final process of weathering, in which enamel paints play a major role. I am working on the weathering process while looking at the AGE-1 I made before so as not to destroy the atmosphere.


Chipping is a technique for applying artificial damage or wear effects to a model. Chipping paint is applied using a brush or sponge. Typical paint is silver, but black and brown are also used. At this time, try to apply the paint in small amounts. Enamel-based paints are used, which are less likely to be affected by overcoating because the basic color is made of lacquer-type paints.

Shadow blowing

Shadowblowing is a technique to give the effect of deterioration, such as dirt, grime, or soot, to express shadows on a model. Enamel paints are applied for shadowblowing using an airbrush. Select a color that expresses the shading, such as black, gray, or brown; in this case, flat black is used. The paint should also be thinned. Be careful not to dilute the paint too much, as it will not be effective. Finally, coat the entire model to protect the shadow blown finish. There are various types of coats, including matte and glossy, but using a matte finish will give a stronger sense of deterioration, such as dirt, grime, and soot.


Even when using a matte spray, it is important to make sure that the underlying painted surface is sufficiently dry before application, just as with a glossy topcoat. In the case of spray application, care should also be taken with the distance and speed of application. Spraying too close can melt the topcoat, while spraying too far away can result in unevenness and lack of transparency. Also, spraying too fast may cause the topcoat to blow off, so be sure to apply slowly and evenly.


It took a long time to paint and weather it, but it is finally done. I don’t even know how close I was to this process. I think it probably would have taken about two days if I had done it right.

The goal of the project is now complete. In order to paint the board in a way that would not destroy the atmosphere of AGE-1, which was built last year, we have been proceeding in the direction of painting and weathering the board. And this time, weathering was applied. It is now in a state where it does not look out of place. This time, since only the extension parts were made, they were basically separate, so it was easy to disassemble them and attach them to the clips.
The weathering work is now complete, and a few photos were taken to complete the project.
Thank you very much for watching until the end.