#2 Build of MGEX Strike Freedom Paint the backpack and rifle


Hello, I am Duck, the administrator of this site.
Now that the temporary assembly is complete and the atmosphere of the kit has been confirmed, it is time to start the painting process. This time, we will paint the backpack and rifle, the exterior, and the inner frame, in that order. This is the first step of painting the backpack and rifle.
The kit is quite good, so we will complete the painting work without any detailing. Basically, we are going to paint the backpack and the rifle in the same color as the set color without changing the atmosphere of the kit.


First, disassemble

The parts are disassembled using a parts opener that I recently purchased.
The gold plating on the lower left in the photo will be left unpainted.


All paintings are airbrush painted. The paint is solid, so as long as you have the right paint, you can get a relatively similar atmosphere with canned sprayer.

Gold paint

I plan not to paint the plating gold this time, but I painted the G runner using metallic color braces because I did not like the gold look a little. This paint will be completed in this state because the color will be dull if a lacquer type clear coat is used.

Surfacer Black 1500 → Breath


Baked iron color paint

This is the painting of the tip of the rifle. I often use this color for painting mechanical parts and weapons on this blog because I love the atmosphere created when matte clear is applied on top of the paint. I love the atmosphere of the special metal atmosphere.

Surfacer Black → Burnt Iron

Black paint

This is a matte black paint from a surfacer black. The difference between the surfacer black and the matte black was not so obvious, but it was painted beautifully. I usually don’t use this paint for gradation painting, but this time I used it for solid painting.

Surfacer Black → Matte Black

Blue paint

Since this is a solid paint job, I decided to choose a relatively bright color, so I chose cobalt blue, which is relatively bright among blue colors. The color is a little brighter than the set color.
Surfacer Gray → Cobalt Blue

Other paints

I chose the color that seemed to be the most vibrant of all the red parlors I have.
Surfacer Gray → Mozan Red

Intermediate Blue.
A color between gray and blue, this color has little assertiveness and is used for areas where it is difficult to tell whether it is mechanical or exterior.
Surfacer Gray → Intermediate Blue

Gray No. 9
This is the color we are planning to use for the exterior system this time. At first glance it looks white, but we are using it for the rifle part in the hope that it will look a little more massive than white.
Surfacer Gray → Gray No. 9

Paint sharing

I am using masking to separate the paint for accents.
It’s sticking out a bit, so I’ll have to do something to cover it up…

Mold line painting

I use Tamiya’s smudging paint black for smudging. I rarely re-carve the threads, but they are relatively cleanly smudged.
Most of the parts are painted with black paint, but gray paint is used for parts painted with matte black paint.


The decals included in the kit are applied, but some of them are decals that I bought before and used on the Char High Mobility Type Zaku.


Finally, clear paint and assembly are done.
Usually, I coat the parts with clear after assembling them to some extent, but this time, I painted matte clear on all parts except gold before assembling them because the color would change if I painted over gold this time.


Dragoon painted in cobalt blue turned out to be vivid and nice. On the other hand, the red painted with Mozan Red was a little less vivid. I thought the color was surprisingly nice while painting, but after assembling it, I think it could have been a little brighter.

I seem to have made a mistake in the direction of the dragoon decals. I realized it after I had finished applying all the decals, so it was too late…
Please read the instruction manual carefully.


The rifles are also painted using partial masking to separate the paint.
We were able to complete the painting without any problems.

So I painted the backpack and rifle. It took about 15 days from disassembly to the completion of painting. I think it took a lot of time because I could not take time to work on it recently.
However, I was able to paint it in a way that did not destroy the image from the settings. I will paint the exterior parts and inner frame based on the plastic color used for this painting.
Next time, I will paint the exterior parts.
Thank you very much for your understanding.