BANDAI MG GundamOO QAN[T] #1 Temporary assembly


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time is a temporary assembly of Double Oak Anta.
Equipped with flashy weapons, it is a relatively simple kit. Please see the state of such a temporary assembly.



Comes with a dry decal, marking seal, and plating type seal. It also comes with a display. It seems that recent kits come with a high probability.


Assembled This time as well, each runner is tagged with masking to make it easier to work. If you do this, you can quickly find the runner you want and work more efficiently.
I would like to touch on the temporary assembly in a little more detail in the next creation.


The temporary assembly is completed.
It’s a prickly feeling, like the old Tekkaman. If you paint it in red and white, it will be quite close.


The kit looks simple, but it has a distinctive structure from other kits such as joints, so if you don’t look at the instructions carefully, you may make a mistake. It took about 3 days just for the temporary assembly due to the gate processing.


The GN Sword is a fairly long weapon against the body. The GN bit is combined to become a weapon that you do not know whether it is a gun or a sword. I saw the main story, but I don’t remember at all …

GN shield The cylindrical part in the middle sticks to the GN drive.

3 types of GN bits

GN bit / GN shield
It is a fairly complicated shield. The GN bit is combined with the GN shield to form one shield.
It’s a mysterious weapon! cool.

Painting plan

Temporary assembly is complete.
Since there are quite a few can sprays and paints left after using it once, I would like to combine them well and paint with the original color, but I will also paint with solid instead of the usual gradation painting. ..