" /> BANDAI MG GundamOO QAN[T] #3 Basic painting - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG GundamOO QAN[T] #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time I will paint the main body. I will paint with the original color without respecting the set color.
I’m going to paint with a can spray that has been used for a while and has been left for quite some time. I would like to digest the paint that I did not plan to use at once.



This time I painted it in the original color using the paint I have but don’t use. Since there was a considerable amount of can spray, this time all painting will be solid.

Paint used
White Surfacer Gray 1200 → Grand Prix White (can spray)
Gray Surfacer Gray 1200 → Aircraft Gray (Airbrush)
Black surfacer gray 1200 → Gundam color MS phantom gray (can spray)
Red Surfacer Gray 1200 → Red No. 2 (maroon) (can spray)
Gold Surfacer Black 1500 → Gold (can spray)
Inner frame surfacer black 1500 → burnt iron color (airbrush)


It is painted by using a can spray and an airbrush together. It is a painting method that can be reproduced even by people who do not have an airbrush. I mask it a little and paint it separately.
I was able to digest the can spray that had been left unused.

Sumi put

I used Tamiya’s gray paint for smearing. I want to develop the color firmly, but as the paint precipitates and becomes thinner while I apply it, I frequently shake the bottle and proceed while stirring.


I put some dry decals on it. Since the water-based decal is not included, I am using the extra decal of Gundam Ver.3.0 that I made a long time ago. There are quite a few things that came off during work. After decaling, it is better to blow clear etc. as soon as possible to stabilize it.


Painting is complete
Clear parts on the side of the knee are not attached yet.

I think it was a double oak anta with a very different atmosphere because it was an original color. I was able to digest the can spray that I did not use in stock. Couldn’t it have been done well instead of the existing paint?
Since the parts whose formation color is blue are painted in white, the surfacer is firmly painted.
Since it was spray-painted, the work time was quite fast and smooth, but it took a long time to assemble because it was disassembled and painted.
This completes the basic painting for the time being. Next time I’m going to do weathering.