#3 Creation of MGEX Strike Freedom Painting the exterior 


Hello, I am Duck, the administrator of this site.
Following the painting of the backpack in the last issue, this time we will paint the exterior parts.



The first step is to disassemble the unit. Although it is relatively easy to disassemble, we carefully remove the unit to avoid damaging it. Then, the parts are separated by color. Although gate processing was done during the temporary assembly, there were some overlooked parts, so we also did a final check together. There are quite a few undergated parts, so it is easy to overlook them.



Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C97 Gray No. 9 (light gray)
This gray is very close to white among the gray series. We chose it this time because we thought it would give a more profound impression than white.

Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C11 Gull Gray

Gull gray is used as a partial accent and a little darker than gray No. 9.


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C80 Cobalt Blue

A relatively bright blue, good for solid painting.


Surfacer Black → Mr. Color GX GX2 Winnow Black

This is a glossy paint used mainly on the chest area. Normally, I would use matte black, but recently I have been finding it difficult to erase the parts that stick out when applying smudges, so I decided to paint with glossy paint this time. As I expected, it was easy to erase the part that was sticking out.


Surfacer Black → Mr. Metal Color Brass MC219

There was almost no part used for exterior parts, but I used a little for painting hand parts.


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C68 Monza Red

I used it for a part of the red chest, forehead, and small parts of the crotch.


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color Intermediate Blue FS35164

I used it to paint the Xiphius 3 rail cannon and the chest duct area.

line painting

The line painting work is done with Tamiya’s black smear paint. The same paint was used for the backpack and will be used for the exterior parts as well.
Pour the paint into the mold and wipe it off with a cotton swab. It is a simple process that will considerably improve the quality of the product. Since enamel paints do not fade easily on lacquered surfaces, you can wipe them off without worry even if you make a mistake. Be proactive and give it a try.


Now that the line painting is complete, it is time to start the decal work. I will use the decal tray together with the decals that came with the kit and the decals that I had bought previously. I started using the decal tray about 6 months ago and it has been very useful and easy to use. It is a recommended tool.

After the decals are done, coat with matte clear and you are done.


Painting of exterior parts has been completed. The work period is 18 days.
I worked very slowly. I think I went a long way in the process of adding decals, etc., and also added paint separations on a whim.
Painting went smoothly. I think that the color is now close to the original setting.

The next step is to paint the inner frame. Basically, I do not intend to paint the chrome parts, so I think it will take relatively little time.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.