#4 Creation of MGEX Strike Freedom Painting the inner frame


Hello, I am Duck, the administrator of this site.
This time I am going to do the last process of painting the inner frame of the Strike Freedom. I did not paint the plated parts this time, so the work went relatively quickly.



The first step is disassembly. The inner frame is stored separately for each color. It has been a long time since I painted the inner frame after disassembling it so much.


The painting work was done color by color. Since there were many small parts that could not be clipped on, it was necessary to be creative in painting them.

painting materials


Surfacer Black → Mr. Metal Color Brass MC219
I made a mistake in the dilution of the paint, and it turned out to be a not-so-gold color. It is not so different from the unpainted state…


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C11 Gull Gray
I used a little bit for painting per vernier of the calf part.


Surfacer Gray → Mr.Color C68 Monza Red
I used a little in the chin and chest area.


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color Intermediate Blue FS35164 C366
Used in painting chest ducts and neck area


Surfacer Gray → Mr. Color C80 Cobalt Blue
Used in the tip parts of the calf and shoulder vernier. This color is also a little paint.


Painting of the inner frame was completed. The work took only one day. The work was completed quickly due to the small number of parts and the time available.

Most of the parts were painted gold, some gunmetalic, and a few other parts were painted a little at a time. I regret that the brass I used for the gold paint was diluted improperly, so it turned out to be a somewhat dull gold, but I decided to call it acceptable for the time being. I think it took me more time to assemble it. I think it took me longer to assemble it than I expected.

Installation of exterior parts

The previously painted exterior parts have been installed.
At this point, I feel that the completion of the project is getting closer. The figure without the backpack is also quite cool. The gold that can be seen a little bit on each part is very attractive.
Two months have passed since I started working on this project in April, and now all the work is completed.
In the latter half of the project, I had relatively more time to work on it, and I was able to keep my motivation up.
I feel a sense of accomplishment because of the large number of parts.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.