I bought the MGEX Strike Freedom at the end of 2022, the topic of discussion, and I’ve laid it down for half a year, so it’s time to build it!


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator.
I found this Strike Freedom by chance at the end of the year 2022, it had been stored in the closet for about 3 months, but I finally made it. The gold internal frame has been talked about quite a bit, but as the manager, I’m looking forward to seeing how the proportions of the new modeling will look when it’s finished, and from what I’ve seen on the web and other photos, I expect it will look pretty cool.
I see quite a few finished products that I see on the web, etc. I tried to create my own original essence by referring to such advanced works.


Manufacturer’s website

MGEX 1/100 ストライクフリーダムガンダム | バンダイ ホビーサイト

Completion of the project

temporary (construction)

Painting of backpacks

Outer painting

Painting of inner


It is finally completed. I started working on it in the middle of April and bought it for about two months. It was the MGEX series that I had heard a lot about, but I had a hard time because of the considerable number of parts. The main work was mostly painting, but I disassembled and painted a lot of parts, and I think that was the reason why it became a long battle.
I divided the work into separate parts for the backpack, outer and inner parts, but I was conscious of assembling the parts that were not being painted, so there were no lost parts and I was able to reach completion smoothly. There are quite a lot of parts and some parts are small, so this is the part that I paid the most attention to.

The coloring was chosen in accordance with the image of the set color, so it was finished without any sense of discomfort. The Strike Freedom looks more like a hero than a weapon, and since it seems like it was never hit by bullets during the show, the lack of soot and scratches does not seem to be a bad thing.

It took me a long time to make the finished product, but it turned out to be quite cool and satisfying. Frankly speaking, the price is quite expensive compared to the usual Master Grade kits, but it is quite cool even without painting. I think this kit will satisfy both those who enjoy painting and those who enjoy assembling it without paint.
Why not give it a try?
This is the end of this issue. Thank you very much for your interest.