Build of RG Evangelion UNIT-0 #1 Tentative assembly


Hi, I’m Duck, the administrator of this site.
I am planning to make a RG Evangelion UNIT-0 in ninja style colors. This is the first preliminary work. This will be the UNIT-1 Evangelion series since I made the first RG Evangelion around last spring. I remember how to do it somewhat, so I was able to do it quite smoothly.


Check the contents

This kit is packaged with just the body and the included weapons are simple: a rifle and a prog knife.

Marking stickers and coated wire for umbilical cables are included. We do not plan to use them at this time.


This kit comes with a choice of prototype Zero with long shoulders and prototype Zero with simple shoulders, and both kits come with parts for the chest and leg parts in a variety of colors. This time, both parts are assembled using the original combination.

I cut off half of the snap-fit dowels to allow for disassembly.


There are some parts that are not included in the kit, but it is completed for the time being.
This kit has a wide range of movement and can easily be posed in ways that are not possible with Gundam kits. I am planning to make a ninja-like figure with this kit because of the freedom of posing.

Future Development

Detail up
Among the many ninja, I am going to make this figure with the Fuuma Ninja in mind. One of the characteristics of the Fuuma Ninja is that they wear a small armored hand on their left arm, so I am planning to make some modifications in this area.

Additional parts
I bought some Japanese sword style parts.

I painted the armor in matte black color with gray and red accents. 

I bought decals of flame pattern and Kanji decals.

I am looking forward to seeing how it will look like. Next is detailing.
Thank you very much for your understanding.