Build of RG Evangelion UNIT-0 #2 Detail up


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator.
This time, I’m going to add some details. I’m going to finish it up to make it look more like a ninja, which is also the theme of this project.


short sword

I bought these sword parts from amazon. There are two types of swords in the box. I will use the shorter one this time.

We will process the sheath so that it can be attached to the waist using a magnet that may no longer be sold in the future. Since the magnet to be used this time is 3mm, a hole is made with a 3mm drill to fit the magnet.

The magnets are in place. Be careful of the direction of the S and N poles.

I am going to use the shorter sword this time, but the longer one can also be used to hold it.

I used 3mm magnets. It seems that this product will no longer be sold in the future, so you will need to buy it while you can.


The most prominent part of the blade is spray painted with Gundam Marker’s Plating Silver. This is recommended for Japanese sword blades, as it is easy to use and produces a relatively beautiful plating.
Basically, black is used as the base color, but gold is used in some parts to add atmosphere.

left arm

This time, the theme is ninjas, and the Ninja Fuuma Ninja, one of the ninja schools, wears protective gear only on his left hand, so we made a simple protective gear using 0.3mm plastic plates.

It is heated and slightly curved to create the atmosphere of armor.

The paint is painted with Kreos maroon. The red color has an old-fashioned atmosphere. In the past, people in the Warring States period used to wear armor called “Akazonae” (red armor), so I painted it with red color as a reference.

shade (of a lamp)

Cut out two pieces of 0.3 mm plastic board using a perfect circle cutter. The thin plastic board is relatively easy to cut.

The way to attach it is to put the magnet used for the sword under the clear part on the head. It may feel a little loose, but it will not fall off by itself.

It is painted “Akazonae” as well as the equipment on the left shoulder.

cloth processing

I wanted to create a partial cloth atmosphere, so I cut the taping and attached it to the surface. I would like to use it in other ways if I can think of any by the time it is completed.


Detailing is complete!
I forgot to take an overall picture so I had to leave it until it was completed.
This time, I tried to make parts by cutting plastic bobbins for the first time in a while. I like the 0.3mm material because it is easy to process, but it sometimes cracks when I use glue for bending which requires a lot of load, so I had to remake the shade a few times. In the end, I am satisfied because I was able to do what I planned to do. I hope I can add more atmosphere to it by painting.
This is the end of the day tail up. The next process is painting. This time, I plan to paint it black as a base color, but I would like to adjust the accent colors so that it does not look like Evangelion’s Unit 3.
Thank you very much for your interest in this project.