Build of RG Evangelion UNIT-0 #3 Painting


Hello, I am Duck, the manager.
This time, I will show you the painting process. Since the theme is ninja, I would like to use black as a base color with some accent colors.



Black paint is mainly used for painting. The black color is the theme for considering the ninja-like impression. We also incorporate Kreos maroon as an accent color. The maroon color contrasts beautifully with the black, making it an accent that makes the Zero design stand out. In addition, an out-of-print paint called Cranberry Pearl is used for the inner part. This cranberry pearl is a special color that gives off a radiant glow and is more elegant than the matte clear used now. This adds gentleness and care to the overall paint job while emphasizing the beauty of the interior of the Zero.

Painting material

Black Surfacer Black #1500 → Wino Black Red
Surfacer Mabogany → Azuki red Gray
Surfacer Gray #1200 → Gray Bio Red Inner
Surfacer Black #1500 → Cranberry Red Pearl

Line Painting

For the smear work, we use Tamiya’s smear paint. Two colors are used for this paint: gray and black. Since the base paint was lacquer-based, I chose enamel-based paint for the smearing. This creates a realistic appearance. We hope that the balanced smudging will enhance its attractiveness.


A decal tray is an indispensable and handy tool in the decal application process. Water-transfer decals of kanji characters and tattoos are used to enhance the atmosphere of Evangelion Zero. Since the surface of the model has relatively curved surfaces, we utilize a mark softener to adhere the decals after applying them. This allows the decals to fit the curved surfaces and achieve a natural finish.

All parts are coated with matte clear after all work is completed.


I painted Bandai’s RG Evangelion Zero plastic model in a ninja style and used Tamiya’s smudging paints to enhance the details. Because of the ninja theme, I used mainly black paint and incorporated CREOS maroon accents. In addition, out-of-print cranberry pearl was painted on the inner parts and finished with a matte clear finish. During the decal application process, water-transfer decals of kanji characters and tattoos were used to enhance the atmosphere. Since there are many relatively curved surfaces, we used a mark softener after applying them to make them faithful and achieve a realistic finish. By carefully following these processes and applying the decals with well-balanced smudging and decal application, we were able to create a unique piece with the Ninja’s own unique style, while highlighting the appeal of Evangelion Zero.