Build of RG Evangelion UNIT-0 #4 Build of additional cloaks


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator of this site.
I have just finished painting the Zero, but it was somewhat lacking, so I hurriedly created a cape, which was easy to do in comparison, so I would like to show you how to create it.


Ingredients are tissue paper

I decided to make it on a whim, so I chose tissue paper out of what I had around me.
In terms of size and ease of processing, it is just right. The weak point is that it is too soft, so it is difficult to keep it in a good shape.

First of all, cut

Spread out the tissue paper and cut both sides diagonally.
The shorter side will be on top.
The tissue paper may be too soft, and the cut part will be frayed when cut with a cutter. If you are making a theme like this, it will look good even with some fraying, but if you want a clean cut, scissors might be a better choice.

Rolled up and crumpled up

I want a natural wrinkle, so I roll it up, squish it, and spread it out again. I repeat this 2 or 3 times. Be careful not to tear it when you unfold it.


This time, since I made a black cape, I sprayed it with black surfacer.
The previous process created quite a few wrinkles, so be sure to stretch them out before painting. Furthermore, tissue paper is too light and will fly away when spraying with a can sprayer or airbrush, so I stuck it to the filter part of the paint booth. Be careful not to leave any paint residue.

Shaped and mounted

Now that the paint is dry, let’s shape it.
The short side will be around the neck. I put wires in that part and folded it several times to make it thicker.

Make a loop on the folded and thickened side and put a drop of glue on the overlapping part.
This completes the process.


It is relatively easy to make something that looks like a cape.
The paint makes the tissue paper moderately stiff and allows you to create a shape that looks like it is being blown by the wind.
Since the kit used this time is the RG Evangelion Zero, the tissue paper was just right in terms of size.

Now you have completed making the cloak. It is so easy, why don’t you try making one?
Thank you for reading to the end.