Build RG Evangelion UNIT-0 in ninja style.


Hello, this is Duck, the administrator of this site.
The MGEX Strike Freedom that I made last time took me 50 days to make, but I am satisfied with its pretty cool finish, but the RG Evangelion that I made this time is also a pretty cool kit, and the first plane that I made before was also a well-made kit. I made a ninja style version of the Evangelion Zero.
The reason why I made it ninja style is because my son has recently been in a ninja boom. It seems that there are various schools of ninja, and this time I made it with reference to the Fuuma Ninja.


Manufacturer’s website

バンダイ ホビーサイト

For the Fuma-Ninja

In the past, there were several ninja groups or schools in Japan, among which the Iga and Kouga ninja were the most famous. The Ninjas are characterized by wearing armor on their left hand and string coils around their waists.

相州乱破 風魔忍者 is on Instagram

北条氏に仕えた影の立役者”風魔忍者”を解き明かす。 | 特集-特集記事 | リトルトリップ小田原 [小田原市観光協会]

Build process

Tentative assembly

Detail up



With a 36-day creation period, the first part of the project is progressing at a fairly good pace, but the second part took longer. However, I am happy with the paint job, which is exactly how I imagined it would look. In addition, the additional decals and swords I bought give it a nice atmosphere. After completing the main body, I wanted a cape, so I painted tissue paper black and wrapped it around the neck. This gave it a more powerful appearance. Also, the wide range of motion of Evangelion Zero allows for a wider range of posing and freedom of expression. This plastic model is a highly complete work of art that is fun to look at.