MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka creation #1 tentative assembly


Hello, I’m Duck, the administrator of this site. This time, I assembled Sinanju Ver.Ka. It is a relatively large kit, so it took me a long time to do the gate processing. The assembly manual for this kit did not list all the runners required for each part, so I have listed them below. If you assemble a kit with many runners, you can assemble the kit smoothly without having to search for the necessary runners for each part of the kit.


Before assembly

The box is also large, but the number of parts seems quite large. The box contains decals for engraving and marking stickers, either of which can be selected for use.


The necessary runners are not listed for each part, so you have to spread the runners out and look for them each time.
Label the runners with masking tape.
I use nippers, a stick file, and sometimes glue.

Runners used per part

Snap fits are cut in half.
File the entire piece, and the parting lines will be treated together.


Runners used: A,C,D,H,K,L
The engraved area is completely black, so you may feel many black areas.


Runners used: C,D,J


Runners used: A,B,E,F,L,M


Runners used: B,F,H,M


Runners used: A,E,G,H,L,N


Runners used: A,B,D,H,K


Runners used: D,F,H,I,L,M

Weapons and Accessories

Runners used: Rifle C,J Shield A,E,L Axe K,M
The shape of the bazooka attached to the rifle of Ver.Ka is different from that of the general MG. Ver.Ka is relatively small.


Temporary assembly complete It took about 6 days including gate processing, etc. The kit is quite large.
There was some work to erase the joints on the propellant tank of the backpack, though it is a master grade kit, so there are almost no joints to be erased.

Overall, the joint parts such as knees and arms are made so tight that the parts seem to break. The waist part was broken once. I managed to repair it with glue, but I had to file it down a little to make it loose.

The backpack mounting part is quite stiff and I did not install it this time. I would like to adjust it by filing it down with a file while observing the situation a little.

Future Plans

I will keep it simple this time.
The distinctive point this time is engraving. This will be my first attempt, but from what I see on the outside site, it doesn’t look like it will be that difficult a task.
We are planning to do basic painting such as red.
What will be difficult this time is the amount of dry decals. It is a delicate work, so I will do my best not to make any mistakes.
I will start with the backpack, rifle, and shield.
Thank you very much for watching until the end.