2019 Making

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0 Solidclear

The cancer pula won in the lot in 2018. Clear parts are used partially, and even painting-lessness is a cool kit. But when it was painted, without understanding how to utilize these clear parts by the character differently, talk was applied KE which worried or ordinariness. I’d like to take out the convenience, so when being strong in the atmosphere of” Masayoshi’s supporter” and making this, Gundam is tortured each time. Ver.3.0 is feeling such as 1/100 scales of Gundam which was in Daiba before, and parts are the impression divided small fairly compared with MG Gundam ver.2.0 and 1.5. Oneself would like to take out feeling of a weapon, and one started it and was painting by the effect of” pollution”, but small of the parts gave degree of difficulty, and there was also a problem of a force, but a painting sense started it mostly and passed away and did a stripe. Anyway they were some kits you’re making and are enduring compared with the master grade of this price range. A heave is made with medium for acrylic fiber a little and a cork seat is stuck, and a foundation is painted.

MG MS-07B Gouf Ver.2.0

I’m not making Ver.1.0, but voluminousness goes out fairly compared with a previous work, and it’s a macho impression. The shape is near GUFU left in an animation. It itself was also quite easy to make and a kit could be put together easily. Painting made white by a coat and a coat by clear blue and GX Deep clear blue by a start-up from Surfacer. There is no change in the figure, but a spike of a shoulder has been processed acutely. I’m conscious of a desert sense by ink insertion by enamel paint and weather ring paste and am doing pollution.


I began to make GELGOOG Ver.1.0, and parts were made this time including revenge by a kit with the bitter memory which did loss or damage and gave making up immediately. I liked a production model, but it was painted with the color of Char Aznable straight along a theme this time. Painting is a start-up of adzuki beans with the Gundam color in a CharPink start-up with the Gundam color and black Surfacer in red Surfacer.