BANDAI Master Grade Strike Freedom Build Create backpacks and long rifles with a 3D printer


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time I will make a strike freedom.
This is the last aircraft that Kira got on in Gundam SEED Destiny. It is a kit that was avoided as a manager who likes weathering because it is too strong in the play. It is a kit that I made while worrying about what to do with this MS that does not even get hit.
Please see the trial and error of the manager.

Temporary assembly

Detail up / 3D printer



This time, I used a 3D printer in addition to the equipment on my back including the dragoon, so it took almost a month. There were quite a lot of joint erasers instead of MG, and the amount of parts was also quite large, so it was difficult.
It was a kit with some parts that were damaged near completion and troubles continued, but it became the target shape. When I finished, I think it was okay to make a bazooka.
As for the impression of Strike Freedom I made this time, I felt that it was a kit that would take a long time for those who paint it well. But it’s a pretty cool kit without painting. Since it is a popular aircraft, it is sold on various scales. Why don’t you make it in your favorite size?