A plastic model that left an impression on 2021


Hello, I’m the caretaker. 2021 is over and we have a new year. Last year, I made a total of 14 bodies. There were various things that were easy and difficult, but since I started teaching blogs in earnest, I have been constantly creating. This time, I would like to look back on the fun and memorable kit that I made in 2021.

No.1 Stormbringer

It is a kit that was previously sold at Premium Bandai. I hadn’t seen it when it started selling, but I wanted to make it later, so I happened to buy it at a second-hand shop at a slightly higher price.
It looks like a full armor Gundam, and it looks pretty cool with a nice look.
It is a kit composed by adding parts of Storm Bringer to Jim Sniper II and Dominus.
When completed, there will be a lot of parts left, so it seems that it can be used as a modified part when making other kits.

The impression I made is based on Jim Sniper II, so the range of movement is quite wide and you can easily take a one-knee pose. For that reason, I made something like a bazooka and a propellant tank on my back with a 3D printer.
It was this kit that I bought and used the HG detail punch.

It was an easy-to-make and cool kit, and it was easy to imagine the coloring.

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Zaku R for Johnny Leiden

Johnny Leidenza R was created around October 2021, but it was difficult to obtain high mobility Zaku, so I bought it at a high price on Amazon. Even now, the price of Gunpla continues to rise.

This kit is made simple, although the details have been improved with plastic plates and plastic rods.
The color is finished with gradation painting. The brown part used for the chest etc. was made by mixing about two colors, but I made too much so I still have a surplus.

It is easy to make stable as a kit. If you have another Zaku R, this is the kit you want to buy again.

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Strike Freedom

It is a strike freedom that I happened to be able to buy cheaply. It took about a month to create it.

I made wings and a long rifle on my back with a 3D printer, but most of the work time was taken up by creating data with an unfamiliar 3D printer.

There were 8 dragoon systems and there was a joint eraser, so it was like training. Some elements take a considerable amount of time.

Rather than the impression of the kit, making a backpack with a 3D printer made the longest working time in 2021 quite memorable with this kit. I will actively use it this year as well, including partial modifications.

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PLAMAX Sirbine

It took about half a year to arrive after making a reservation. It’s been a while since I made a kit other than Bandai, so I started making it with anxiety about whether it could be completed.

Since it was difficult to mask with a fixed model, I cut the limbs and assemble it after painting is completed.

Basically, it is painted with an airbrush, but a considerable part is painted with a brush.

This kit was a fixed model for the first time in a long time, but I was able to make it relatively easily. The modeling was also pretty sharp and I’m sure it was cool. Although I am a manager who makes only Gunpla, it was a good experience to make such a kit once in a while. Next time, I would like to make the Knight of Gold in The Five Star Stories.

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I looked back on the kit that left an impression on me among the 14 bodies I made in 2021. Some of the kits that didn’t come up this time were easy to make and cool, but this time it’s an excerpt based on the memories of the manager.
I will continue to make MG kits in 2022, so I look forward to working with you.

Thank you for watching until the end.

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